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Adapter B+M key socket 2 M.2 NGFF SSD to 2.5" SATA with Case

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1. Socket 2 B key M.2 NGFF SSD(SATA transfer mode) to 2.5" SATA adapter.

2. The speed and other properties is not changed, only form conversion interface.

3. Support the 22*30 mm/22*42 mm/22*60 mm/22*80 mm size of M.2 NGFF (SATA) SSD.

4. You can connect it to desktop or laptop.

5. Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.

6. Size: 100 x 70 x 7mm

7. Iterfation: M.2 NGFF to 2.5" SATA

8. Material: plastic.

9. Socket 2 (B +M key): there are SATA(such as THNSNH128G8NT/ THNSNH128GDNT/ MZNTD256HAGM models of SSD) and PCI-E 2X(such as PX-AG128M6E/ PX-AG128M6E/ SD6PP4M models of SSD) two different transfer mode.

10. Socket 3 (M key): PCI-E 4X(such as MZHPU128HCGM and MZHPU512HCGL models of SSD) transfer mode.

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