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Amtech NC-560-LF Lead-Free No-Clean Solder Paste 100g

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This 100g NC-560-LF no clean flux is 100% lead free and original.
This NC-560-LF no clean flux is halogen and halide free that a great all purpose paste.
This NC-560-LF no clean flux is a lead free solder flux in the most commonly seen alloy(SAC305)
It prints exceptionally well, reflows in a wide range of profiles and forms nice shinny joints.
This NC-560-LF no clean flux is defined as a RELO by IPC tests and it has great SIR results. Easy to use, light clear-residues it is a great all purpose paste.

It has a long stencil life and low voiding.
This NC-560-LF no clean flux is perfect for wetting on most boards and exceptional print definition .

It also can be ordered for DEK Proflo or Speedline/MPM Rheo pump.

This amtech NC-560-LF No Clean Flux makes their own powder. The powder is widely seen is competitive solder pastes and is excellent. This is a SAC305 alloy Type 3 powder. In other words the alloy is Sn96.6Ag3.0Cu0.5 and it has a 25-45 micron powder diameter.
It will print 20 mil pitch parts like QFPs or other semiconductor packages.
Its viscosity is designed for printing. Automatic printers or printing by hand are easy to do. The viscosity is 650 to 900Kcps. Dispensable grades with lower viscosity are available.
The Tack force is about 35 g. This means parts placed in the printed paste will not move or skew.
It can reflow in standard profiles with a 5 minute door to door reflow normal. It can be reflowed in shorter or longer profiles and even with a hot plate. It needs about 60 seconds above 219oC. Field reports show it is tolerant of reflow variations.

It is easy to clean with parts, squeegee and stencils in IPA.

This NC-560-LF no clean flux can store in a normal refrigerator will insure at least a 6 month life. It is not freezable – do not freeze as it may damage the paste .
Package contain : 1 bottle  X  Original Amtech NC-560-LF 100g

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Note: The paste cannot be shipped by DHL, have to ship by EMS or air mail.

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