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8 Inch 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Panel

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•Without the added burden of learning how to interface with a mouse, can now concentrate on the material being presented.

•Touchscreen Panel is easily wiped clean using ordinary glass cleaners.

•Easy to "DIY" install the Touchscreen Panel 10-20 minutes

•High accuracy , high quality ( By UKAS & ISO9002 )

•Input Method : Any Stylus, Fingers or Gloved hands.

•100% Brand New for Manufactory.


•Surface Hardness : >3H ( Hardcoat)

•Optical Clarity ( Transparency ): 80% up

•Operating Temperature : -10 to 60

•Endurance Test strikes : Over 1 million

•Operating Voltage : DC 5V

•X . Y. Resistance : 200ohm to 900 ohm

•Linearity < 1.5%

•Faceplate Surface : Anti-glare coating

•Operating Current : DC 5mA to 25mA

•Thickness: 2 mm

Step by step to integrating

1. Choose the suitable LCD monitor for the touch panel. You need tools: 3M tape, resistive touch panel, scissors, phillips head screwdriver (small, middle, big), flat head screwdriver. Here take fixing 4wire resistive touch panel onto 15.6”LCD monitor .

2. Turn over the LCD monitor, prepare the shockproof mat to protect the LCD monitor from damaging. There are normally 3 kinds of popular LCD monitors: Inner blocked one; fixed with screws; mixed of both above (with both blocks sand screws). Here we choose the mixed type to show you. First disconnect the two bottom screws. Then open the back shell of the monitor.

3. Normally the LCD monitor has two iron clips (blue arrow shows) on both right and left. Take apart the screws on the clips. Take away the inverter board and the cables.

4. Use the 3M double side tape onto the 4 margins. Be careful don’t cover the view area of the monitor. Clean the panel with the professional cleaning liquid. Then move away the protecting film of the touch panel, and stick the touch panel to the monitor. Please pay attention on not making the touch panel upside down. Show as the green arrow.

5. Fix the controller onto the back of the monitor. And connect the FPC to the controller. Cut a 5cm hole on the bottom of the back shell so that the cable can be connect to the Computer.

6. Here is the controller of the LCD monitor. Fix it on the back side of the LCD panel. On the back shell there are corresponding holes for the controller and the inverter board.

7. Connect the inverter board and the cable to the LCD panel. Then put the panel onto the back shell.
Fix the screws on the clips.

8. Close the front frame. Now finish the fixing.

Please click here to download the drawing.

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