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DH-A5 BGA Rework Station

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Total Power: 6700W

Top heater: 1200W

Bottom heater: 2nd heater 1200W, 3rd heater 3900W

Power: AC220V±10%  50/60Hz

Dimensions: L700×W700×H950 mmPositioning: V-groove PCB support, and with external universal fixture

Temperature control: K type thermocouple, closed loop, independent heating

Tempature accuracy: ±2℃

PCB size: Max 450×490 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip: 2x2 - 80x80mm

Minimum chip spacing: 0.15mm

External Temperature Sensor: 5pcs(optional)

Net weight: 91kg

Main features:

1. Embedded with industrial PC,high definition touch screen interface, PLC controlling, Real-time settings and actual temperature profile display can be used to analyzed and correct parameters if necessary.

2. High-precision K-type thermocouple with closed loop control, combine PLCand thermometer mode to control the temperature precisely, accuracy keepswithin ±2 degree. The external sensors can detect temperature precisely, analyze and calibrate the real temperature curve accurately.

3. With servo drive, can realize welding, mounting, demounting with automatic control, it is stable, safe and efficient. V-groove PCB support, and with external universal fixture, X,Y, Z can rapidly positioning, convenience, accuracy, can fit for all kinds of PCB board;

4. Flexible and removable universal fixture has protective effects and no damage to the PCB board, suitable for all kinds of BGA repair

5. Different size of BGA nozzles, 360 degree rotations, easy to install and replace

6. There are 3 independent heaters. ,they can control multiple groups and segments temperature parameters at the same time to achieve the best welding. Temperature, time, slope, cooling, alarming all can be displayed on the touch screen.

7. 1st and 2nd temperature heaters can set 6 temperature curves, can expand to 8. It can save multiple sets of user data of temperature parameters of BGA chips positioning points and sites.

8. According adjusting different BGA, you can analyze, set and modify the temperature parameters on the touch screen at any time; the 3 heater adopt independent PID system to control heating process.

9. Use high definition digital video registration system, with rocker, by manual rocker to control the removing of the Optical lenses in left and right direction. Check the BGA in four corners and center alignment situation to ensure positioning accuracy and avoid any “blind spot”.

10. Powerful cross-flow fan cool the PCB board automatically after desoldering and soldering, it can prevent PCB board to be deformation and ensure the welding effective and mounting, soldering, desoldering to be Intelligent automatic control

11. Including Voice "early warning" function. 5-10 seconds before the completion of uninstalling or welding, voice reminder / warning to get the workers prepared. After heating, cooling system works, and it stops automatic while the temperature down to normal to protect machine.

12. CE certification, with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection device when emergency happens.

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