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Hard Drive Disk & USB Flash Disk Data Recovery Restore

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Your computer's hard drive suddenly issued a set of abnormal sound or do not recognize! The company's computer suddenly stopped working! All data in your hard disk is not visible. You can not order, all the accounting statements are missing. When you can not expect the outcome, you feel sky is falling. All the work, all the stored data disappear! How to do?

We are specialized in hard drive data recovery with fifteen years of experience, tens of thousands of successful cases, is known for good technology, more accessories, fast speed and low fares. We are a team of professional talent, and have a class 100 clean studio, especially good at server disk array (RAID) and the hard drive head failure that needs to open it to restore the data. Customers are not required to provide spare parts and pay any fees in advance until you feel satisfied. Please select the best and most cost-effective data recovery company, to help you recover all the lost hard disk data.



Whether your data loss due to incorrect formatting, accidentally deleted, misuse Ghost, mistakenly PQ, caused by the virus, but also whether it is because of the hard disk head is damaged, the hard disk motor bearing damage, the hard disk has more than one bad zones, abnormal sound, does not recognize disk, burnt board, U disk can not read the data without undue loss of such failure, our engineers can help you to solve those problems.

Our advantages:

1. After 15 years of hard work, we accumulate thousands of accessories set, so 98% of the opening data recovery can be finished at the same day.

2. For the hard disk with damaged motor, we use home-made tool for disc swapping, 99% success rate, far from the paper with glue or salvation solution.

3. For multi-head, large-capacity Western Digital hard disk heads matching problem, we use brute-force head solution, 90% success rate.

4. For the damaged heads of seagate V, VI, VII SCSI hd, we use self-made platform, 99% success rate.

5. For the disc scratch caused by being broken or human damage, we use the hardware and the method of combining chemicals with a high success rate.

Fees Table

Fault Category Fault Performance OS Price(US$)
Soft fault of IDE, SATA, SCSI, Laptop HD Accidentally deleted, formatted wrong, mistakenly deleted partitions, partition loss, misuse PQ, the data is lost for no reason. Microsoft Windows 35-90
Mac, Linux 50-180
False clone (ghost), virus attack, coverage and so on. Microsoft Windows 45-120
Physical fault of IDE, SATA, SCSI, Laptop HD (no need to open hd) Hdd multi-zone damage, a result of the hard disk firmware does not recognize disk, or abnormal sound Microsoft Windows 55-160
Mac, Linux 150-220
IDE, SATA, Laptop HD (need to open hd) Hard abnormal sound, heads damage, stuck, aging, deviation, head chip bad, motor failures. Microsoft Windows 120-450
Mac, Linux 160-450
IDE, SATA, Laptop HD (need to open hd) Disk surface scratched seriously Microsoft Windows 500-1000
SCSI HD (need to open hd) Hard abnormal sound, heads damage, stuck, aging, deviation, head chip bad, motor failures. Windows, Mac, Linux 250-550
IDE, SATA, SCSI (Raid0, raid1) The array is lost or the hard disk soft errors. Microsoft Windows 55/pc
Non Microsoft Window or other server 90/pc
IDE, SATA, SCSI (Raid5) The array is lost or the hard disk physical errors. Microsoft Windows 70/pc
Non Microsoft Window or other server 110/pc
IBM SCSI HD firmware fault IC35LO36x IC35LO72x etc Track Seeking sound normal, but does not recognize diskfirmware is bad Microsoft 200 up
U disk, Digital card, SD card, Memory stick, etc Accidentally deleted, formatted wrong, display is not formatted, suggesting to format, does not recognize equipment, etc. Microsoft Windows 20-60
Word, excel, ppt, jpg, rar, etc file restore Messy code, open failure Microsoft Windows 20/pc
Password cracking for OS, File, etc Missing, forget Office file 20/pc
OS 40/pc

When we get your faulty hard disk, our engineers will make a complete checkup to find the exact problem result for the data loss. And will use the most cost-effective way to restore your data.

If you think your hard disk data is unrecoverable, maybe we can help you. We restored hard disk with smashed, fire burned, flooded, or disc surface scratched seriously. Our engineers have a set of advanced software and hardware methods to restore as much data as possible.
Frankly speaking, we hope you never need our services. However, if necessary, we will make every effort to serve you at any time.





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