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Established in Huaqiang Shenzhen, the biggest electronics market of asia, drivestar specializes in data recovery tools, donors and services. We understand the pitfalls of data loss and the risks to business. Months or years of work can be lost in seconds due to disk failure, misoperation or virus attack.

With more than 18 years of experience, countless of different cases behind us and the most advanced data recovery lab, drivestar can quickly diagnose the problem affecting your failed media and apply the most efficient solution in order to achieve fast and complete recovery of your data. Our range of low cost services for lost data recovery ensures that you can resume your business or save your job with minimum downtime.

We are equipped to recover lost, inaccessible and corrupted data from all type of data storage devices including Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, Solid State Drives, Apple Mac Computers, Laptops, Tape Drives, Cell Phones, Cameras, Smart Phones and Flash Media devices. Our engineers are available day and night to solve any data lose situation you are facing with.

We can help in any of the following situations:

* Unable to boot
* Accidental deletion of data
* Inaccessible drives or partitions
* Data corrupted / Crashes
* Fire or Water damage
* Virus Attacks
* Drive damage due to power issues
* Head stack failures, clicking hard drives
* Human error, accidental format, OS reinstall
* RAID failure, Filed arrays, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5

Our advantages:

1. After 18 years of hard work, we accumulate thousands of accessories set, so 98% of the opening data recovery can be finished at the same day.

2. For the hard disk with damaged motor, we use home-made tool for disc swapping, 99% success rate, far from the paper with glue or salvation solution.

3. For multi-head, large-capacity Western Digital hard disk heads matching problem, we use brute-force head solution, 90% success rate.

4. For the damaged heads of seagate V, VI, VII SCSI hd, we use self-made platform, 99% success rate.

5. For the disc scratch caused by being broken or human damage, we use the hardware and the method of combining chemicals with a high success rate.

Fees Table

Fault Category Fault Performance OS Price(US$)
Soft fault of IDE, SATA, SCSI, Laptop HD Accidentally deleted, formatted wrong, mistakenly deleted partitions, partition loss, misuse PQ, the data is lost for no reason. Microsoft Windows 35-90
Mac, Linux 50-180
False clone (ghost), virus attack, coverage and so on. Microsoft Windows 45-120
Physical fault of IDE, SATA, SCSI, Laptop HD (no need to open hd) Hdd multi-zone damage, a result of the hard disk firmware does not recognize disk, or abnormal sound Microsoft Windows 55-160
Mac, Linux 150-220
IDE, SATA, Laptop HD (need to open hd) Hard abnormal sound, heads damage, stuck, aging, deviation, head chip bad, motor failures. Microsoft Windows 120-450
Mac, Linux 160-450
IDE, SATA, Laptop HD (need to open hd) Disk surface scratched seriously Microsoft Windows 500-1000
SCSI HD (need to open hd) Hard abnormal sound, heads damage, stuck, aging, deviation, head chip bad, motor failures. Windows, Mac, Linux 250-550
IDE, SATA, SCSI (Raid0, raid1) The array is lost or the hard disk soft errors. Microsoft Windows 55/pc
Non Microsoft Window or other server 90/pc
IDE, SATA, SCSI (Raid5) The array is lost or the hard disk physical errors. Microsoft Windows 70/pc
Non Microsoft Window or other server 110/pc
IBM SCSI HD firmware fault IC35LO36x IC35LO72x etc Track Seeking sound normal, but does not recognize diskfirmware is bad Microsoft 200 up
U disk, Digital card, SD card, Memory stick, etc Accidentally deleted, formatted wrong, display is not formatted, suggesting to format, does not recognize equipment, etc. Microsoft Windows 20-60
Word, excel, ppt, jpg, rar, etc file restore Messy code, open failure Microsoft Windows 20/pc
Password cracking for OS, File, etc Missing, forget Office file 20/pc
OS 40/pc

We promise:

* No Diagnostic Fees

* No Evaluation Fees

* No Data / No Charge, we only get paid if your data is recovered successfully

* Confidentiality & Privacy Guarantee

When data lose occurs, what you should do:

* Don't try to power on or open the media;

* Contact us for help and avdive;

* In accordance to different failures, may run some scandisk utilities, swap the circuit board, or send us the media;

* Carefully pack the media and send to our office in Hong Kong:

Wong Chor Sang
Baem Concept
Shop 36A2 SAN LOK ST,
Sheung Shui,
999077,  Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 97338583

* We diagnose the media and make a exact quotation;

* We recover the data if you accept the cost;

* We send the file list of recovered data;

* You pay the cost if accept the data;

* Recovered data and media are returned;

* We completely delete the backup after you receive the data.




Data Recovery Work Ticket

* Name:  

* Company:  

* Address:

* Telephone:

* Post Code:


* Type of computer: Desktop Laptop Server Others  

* Manufacturer of HDD:

* Model of HDD:

* Capacity:

* S/N:

* Interface: IDE SATA SCSI Others  


* Number of partitions:

* Type of partitions: FAT/FAT32 NTFS HPFS Others  

* Failure phenomenon and cause:



* Operations after failure happen:



* The most important directory need to recoverfor example: C:documentbackup



* The most important files’ type need to recover:

*.doc *.ppt *.Dwg *.dbf *.xls *.mdb *.jpg Others 

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