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M4070 AutoRanging LCR Meter

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M4070 AutoRanging LCR Meter Up to 100H 100mF 20MR, 1% accuracy 5 digit


M4070 LCR meter is auto-ranging component tester, can  drive up to  500 KHz, suitable for small value capacitor and inductor  measurement. It  provides very stable and high resolution measurement up  to 5 digits. Meter can  measure 0.00pF to 100.00mF capacitance, 0.000uH  to 100.00H and 0.00Ω  to 10.000MΩThis  meter is using two technique  measurement, LC oscillation and RC oscillation. LC is much suitable for  small value measurement and RC for high value capacitance.

*Discharge Capacitor before Testing!!


Fully auto-ranging designed
High resolution, up to 5 digit display, most finest resolution:  0.01pF, 0.001uH,  0.01R
High stability and measurement range for L/ C/ R
USB charging with rechargeable battery inside
Large LCD display with backlight
USB PC program, can take record and pass and fail component  sorting function. 



LCR Meter Series

LCR Testing Parameter

Main Parameter: L / C / R 

Testing frequency


C: 10 to 500Khz



L: 10 to 360Khz

Testing Method


Auto select LC and RC Oscillation



Power on auto calibrate with internal  reference capacitor

Testing voltage


Best Tolerance

L: 1% +1 Digit



C: 1% +1 Digit



R: 0.5% +1 Digit

LCD update or Testing time (* vary on  component value)

<3/s   (e.g. 100mF Capacitor <30s)

Range Selection






Open / short circuit





Mini-USB(Virtual Com Port)

Display Range


 0.00pF 100.000mF   (pF/nF/uF/mF)


 0.000uH    100.000H                  (uH/mH/H)

Hz (LC Oscillation Frequency)

0 to 900000Hz

(s)  (RC Constant Time)

0.000 to 99.999


 0.00 Ω  20.000  MΩ                        (Ω/kΩ)




LCD Display

128X64 Dot Matrix, with backlight

Fuse Protection



Charging terminal


Mini-USB (500mA)



internal 3.7V Li-polymer

Number of Testing Terminal

Main 3, Secondary 4

Reading Display

Max. 99999


- 1 x M4070 meter
- 1 x  pair of croc. clip
- 1 x  USB Cable

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