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Feita CR241 Anti-acid Ceramic Stainless Steel Tweezer

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Ceramic tweezers are made of unique 1000-degree barbecue ceramics. They are characterized by firmness, smoothness and high temperature resistance, which can be smoothly operated in a strong magnetic field. Especially suitable for acid applications and ultra-high temperature welding applications.

Ceramics are very good oxidizing materials, it is very difficult to produce ion transfer, and no static electricity will be generated when the transfer is in contact with the product.


Model: 72MZ/CR241/CR242/CR243/CR245
Size: 120-128mm
Material: 302 Stainless steel & ceramic
Magnetism: None
Surface treatment: Matt finish treatment
Tip strength: > HRC40°
Application:Acidic, SMD, solder joints, high temperature operation, clean room, electronic equipment, precision machinery, pharmaceutical operations

The ceramic tip is free of magnetism and static electricity and is suitable for the operation of precision sensitive electronic components.
The head is extremely heat-resistant, can withstand high temperatures of 1000 degrees, rarely cracks, and can work for a long time.
The steel is made of high-grade stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant and anti-magnetic.

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