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DPS-305CF 30V 5A LCD Display Digital Control Regulated Power Supply

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DPS-305CF 30V 5A LCD Display Digital Control Regulated Power Supply

DPS series digital input DC regulated power supply is designed for laboratory, school, production lines and electronic repair designed for use. High voltage stability, small ripple factor, has a perfect circuit protection and over-current protection, output short circuit is not afraid of any form. Due to the voltage value is a digital keyboard input, shorten the voltage setting time, completely overcome the traditional potentiometer adjustment poor contact caused by voltage instability phenomenon. The internal power supply containing electronic switch, can conveniently open the output load.
DPS-305CF increased as a function of: rapid call 10 groups of voltage and current data and storing the user required 10 groups of voltage and current data, password lock keyboard, prevent misuse or vandalism operation.

Product Features:
Power supply voltage 220V± 10%50/60Hz
Working conditions temperature: 0-40 ℃80% relative humidity
Storage temperature: -10-70 ℃70% relative humidity
Dimensions: 265 x 128 x 150mm ( D ×W ×H )
Weight: DPS305CF 2.3KG
The voltage output from 0 to 30V between continuous and adjustable ( resolution 0.1V )
The precision of output voltage: ± 0.1V
Voltage stability: <0.01%+3mv
Load stability: <0.01%+3mv
Recovery time: 100uS
Ripple noise voltage: < 1mVRMS ( 5Hz-1MHz )
Temperature coefficient: <300PPM/C
Constant current value: 0-5A
Constant current output current from 0 to the nominal value of continuous adjustable ( resolution 0.0001A )
current display accuracy:
0.0001--0.0450A ±0.0001A
0.045---0.45A ±0.001A
0.45----5A ±0.01A
Constant current output accuracy: ± 0.01A
Current stability <0.1%+3mA
Load stability <0.1%+3mA
Ripple noise current < 3mARMS
OCP overcurrent automatic cutoff paramete
OCP current value: accuracy: 0-5A± 0.01A

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