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ATTEN ADS1102CAL Digital Oscilloscopes

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Product Information:

ADS1102CAL Series Digital Oscilloscope compact, flexible operation; with color TFT LCD display and pop-up menu, to achieve its ease of use, greatly improving user productivity.In addition, ADS1000 Series performance, powerful and affordable. Has a high price.ADS1000 real-time sampling rate of up to 2GSa / s, fully meet the capture speed, complex signals of market demand; support for USB storage devices, users can also upgrade the software U disk, the maximum extent possible to meet the needs of users; support PictBridge direct printing to meet the needs of the most widely printed.


•Electronic circuit design and debugging

•Examine the instantaneous signal

•Circuit function test

•Industrial Control Survey


Color TFT LCD display, waveform display is more clear and stable;

• Rich trigger modes: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternate;

• Unique digital filter and waveform recorder;

• Pass / Fail function;

• 32 automatic measurements;

• 2 set of reference waveforms, 20 groups of common waveforms, 20 groups of settings within the store / recall; support waveform, set, CSV and bitmap files U disk external storage and recall;

• Manual, tracking, automatic cursor measurement function;

• channel waveform and FFT waveforms at the same time split-screen display;

• Analog channel waveform mesh screen brightness and brightness adjustable;

• pop-up menu display mode, the user operation more flexible, natural;

• rich interface display style: classic, modern, traditional, simple;

• Multilingual interface display, the English online help system;

• Standard interface: USB Host: Support U disk U disk storage and a system through software upgrades; USB Device: support for PictBridge direct printing and PC connection with the remote control; RS-232.

Technical Specifications

Bandwidth: 100MHZ

• Channels: Dual Channel + 1 external trigger channel

• The maximum real-time sampling rate: Single 1GSa / S, dual-channel 500MSa / S

• Equivalent Sampling Rate: 50GSa / s

• Memory depth: Single Channel 40K

• Rise time: <.3.5 ns

• Input impedance: 1Mω | | 17pF

• Time base range: 2.5ns/div-50s/div Roll: 100ms-50s/div

• Vertical Sensitivity: 2mv-10v/div (1-2-5 sequence)

• Vertical resolution: 8bit

• Display: TFT 7 英寸 (178mm) LCD Monitor


Level system

• Real-time sampling rate: 1GSa / s

• Equivalent Sampling Rate: 50GSa / s


• Time base accuracy: ± 100ppm (any time interval greater than 1ms)

• Horizontal scan range: 2.5nS/DIV - 50S/DIV

• Scan: 100mS/DIV ~ 50S/DIV (1-2.5-5 order)

Package Including:

• 1x Power Cord (we will send the type you want, if not tell us, we will send your country type)

• 2x Probe

• 1X instruction CD and Manual

• 1x USB cable



Please click here to download the manual.

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