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ATTEN AT8502D Professional Hot Air Rework and Soldering Station

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AC 220V AT-8502D Professional Intelligence 2-in-1 Iron Soldering + Hot Air Rework Station Solder

AT-8502D two-in-one intelligence non-lead sealing off repairs Taiwan, is one section repairs Taiwan the hot blast welding table and the electricity welding table perfect combination two-in-one intelligence non-lead sealing off; Is suitable specially for operational sites and so on research and development, production, scientific research laboratory, not only simplicity of operator, easy to operate, and saves the space greatly.

Product characteristic:
* The MCU computer provides the constant temperature to decide the warm PID high-level algorithm industrial control, controls warm is more precise.
* LCE double screen distinction independent demonstration hot blast Taiwan and the electricity welding table's current active status and the parameter, are direct-viewing, cause the customer to be clear to the equipment output state;
* Output is big, the elevation of temperature is rapid;
* Great current capacity diaphragm type pressure air pump, is suitable for each kind of blast nozzle sealing off SMD primary device;
* Province electric works energy and so on dormancy, auto-stop;
* Originates the handle to press a key quickly, brings the faster adjustment temperature and the amount of wind for the user;
* Provides the independent three group of memory memory function, causes the customer split-second-selection different temperature amount of wind combination working pattern;
* Various units have the temperature compensation function, may guarantee the use period user active status stability;
* Breakdown automatic health care function.

Technical specification:
* Working voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
* Complete machine power: 900W (Max), gives off heat 800W (Max), air pump (diaphragm type) 40W, iron 50W
* Controls the warm range: Hot blast welding table 100℃-500℃ air current measures 120L/min (in a big way), iron 200℃-480℃
* Temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit (may transformation)
* Control the warm precision: ±10℃ (static state)
* Adjusts range: - 50℃~50℃
* Establishment saves (three groups): Hot Air Station 1:200℃,40; 2:300℃,60; 3:400℃,80
* Iron : 1:200℃; 2:300℃; 3:400℃
* Amount of wind scope: The hot blast welding table 020-100 levels
* Dormancy waits for an opportunity: Hot blast welding table stop warming, when blowing time delay enters the dormancy readiness for action
* Cold wind: The hot blast welding table machine blowing, stops the warming
* Malfunction alert: Gives off heat the core to demonstrate H-E, the sensor demonstrates S-E
* Close-down: Normal close-down, cold wind time delay close-down, power failure.

Accessories Content:
x1 ATTEN AT-8502D
x1 907 Iron
x1 Iron stand
x1 Hot air gun handle
x1 Handle stand
x4 Nozzles (A1125,A1126,A1130,A1170A)
x1 Clean sponge

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