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Adapter M.2 M-Key SSD for 2013/14/15 Macbook Air A1465 Pro A1398

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Adapter M.2 M-Key SSD for 2013/2014/2015 Macbook Air A1465 A1466 Pro A1398 A1502


1. Only Support Following M.2 (NGFF) PCI-e SSD:

Kingston SHPM2280P2/ 240G/ 480G
Only newest MAC OS support following NGFF PCIe SSD:
950 PRO (MZVKV256 MZVKV512), 960 EVO....

2. can replace SSD modules from following macbook:

Late 2013 version MacBook Pro retina A1398 A1502 (ME864 ME865 ME866 ME293 ME294),
2014 version MacBook Pro retina  A1502 A1398 (MGX72 MGX82 MGX92 MGXA2 MGXC2),
2015 version MacBook Pro retina A1502 A1398(MF839 MF840 MF841 MJLQ2 MJLT2),
2013-2014 version MacBook Air A1465 A1466(MD711 MD712 MD760 MD761)
2015 version MacBook Air A1465 A1466(MJVM2 MJVP2 MJVE2 MJVG2),
Mac Pro ME253 MD878,iMAC A1419(Late 2013 and newer).

3. replace following SSD modules:

Samsung MZ-JPU128T / 0A2, MZ-JPU256T / 0A2, MZ-JPU512T / 0A2, MZ-KPU1TOT / 0A2, MZ-JPV1280, Sandisk SD6PQ4M-128G, SD6PQ4M-256G

4. No need extra power adapter and any drivers.

5. Torx T5 /P5 1.2mm Pentalobe Screwdriver make it easier to open back case and replace SSD.


1. This is an alternative product, it is different with your original hard disk. In addition, please turn off the sleep function of the system after installing the operating system.


1. Only sales adapter card, images of SSD and mainboard is not sales!

2. The adapter card only support 22*80 mm size of M.2 NGFF PCIe x4 AHCI SSD, it can not support M.2 NGFF PCIe x4 NVMe solid state drives.

3. The power-saving sleep mode may not be able to use. please enter "System Preferences"/ "Energy Saver", then close "Power Adapter"/ "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" and "Battery"/ "Put hard disks to sleep when possible". Then moved the "Turn display off after" arrow to "Never" position.

4. Please open the trim function after Mac OS installed, it does not need to manually open if install Windows operating system.

5. Pls prepare USB disk driver before using the adapter.
About MacBook Air SSD interface standard:

1. 2010 and 2011 version MacBook Air SSD is 6+12 pin, only one side have  contact, size is 109 mm*24 mm. It's SATA interface.

2. 2012 version MacBook Air SSD is 7+17 pin, size is 109 mm*24 mm. 2012 version MacBook Pro SSD is 7+17 pin, size is 89 mm*33 mm. It's SATA interface.

3. 2013 and 2014 and 2015 version MacBook Air SSD is both side have contact, one sid is 16+12 pin,the other side is 11+14 pin, size is 89 mm*24 mm. It's PCIe X4 interface.

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