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Samsung HDD Head Replacement Tool for 500GB 2 Heads

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Samsung HDD Head Replacement Tool for 500GB 2 Heads

Now for the hard disk are head of hard disk in a circle, including head thrust head arm in turn rotary motor and head to the edge after use spacers to head out, and then use spacers or paper will head to stay back plate, in this process the central disk will be two friction, light person produce a lot of bad word, or head damaged platter scratch. (we all know that hard work is suspended between head and platters. Have damaged during loading and unloading head head experience.)

After five years of repeated grope for three years of development, a large number of experiments, overcome difficulties, (for example, concentricity, parallelism, material science, etc.) to develop the product. Key parts are using slow cutting processing technology overall accuracy of 0.01 mm parallelism is 0.02 mm.

Total four models:

Samsung 500GB / 2 Heads   usd160 (HD502HJ)
Samsung 1TB / 4 Heads   usd180 (HD103SI)
Samsung 500GB / 6 Heads   usd190 (HD501LJ)
Samsung 2TB / 6 Heads  usd190 (HD204VI)

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