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32bit & 64bit ipad iphone Nand Flash HDD Error Repair Instrument

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NAVIPLUS PRO3000 nand flash repair machine, iPhone / iPad nand Flash memory Error Repair instrument is designed to repair the blue screen error and repair of 6G red screen error,  iPhone 5S/6/6Plus/Mini2/iPad Air/iPad Air2 HDD REPAIRER, also support 32bit iphone 4 4S 5 5C / iPad 2 3 4

Brand New NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Nand flash repair machine: work with apple : 32bit and 64bit ipad / iphone nand flash HDD error repair instrument For iPhone 4S 5 5C 5S 6 Plus / iPad 2 3 4 mini Air....

hand-held iPhone / iPad NAND Error Repair instrument for 64bit 5S 6 6Plus Mini2 iPad Air iPad Air2

Latest version:V1.1294 PRO3000 / PRO3000S / PRO3000AB.

1. Enhanced the write algorithm of 32Bit series NAND, the version of 1.1294 Pro3000 mabye offer a near 100% write success rate for 32Bit series NAND Flash.

2. Some of 64GB NAND that remove form iPhone 6p, and write before formating, if read it again, mabye read fail. so the 1.1294 version will solve this problem

This NAND machine is the professional repair tool, need the professional skills and knowledges, or you can't use it.

Repair: A blue screen error Repair of 6G red screen

Repair error such as: for iPhone 5S/6/6Plus

Put HDD in socket,  and click buttons of "start repair"

This iphone HDD repair machine is an professional iphone hdd advanced repair tool, the operation is very easy, don't need connect with pc, with 4.3-inch LCD display and touch screen operation, it is designed to recovery and back-up the data file on NAND memory storage of iphone / ipad, support:  reading, writing, testing, erasing ( make the empty HDD).

1. Fast get the underlying data,  get the universal information about iphone / ipad :  SN, country, color, Bluetooth address, WIFI address....
2. Writing the new underlying data to iphone / ipad, write the before mother HDD information, write the new information to iphone / ipad
3. Fast change these underlying datas:  SN, country, color, Bluetooth address, WIFI address
4. For 32bit apple (iphone / ipad) HDD, any type HDD can be used as mother HDD (master nand memory), don't need the especial HDD as mother HDD, Don't need pre-Brush
5. For 64bit apple (iphone / ipad) HDD,  the same type HDD fit with same type HDD, don't need pre-brush, any type HDD can be used as mother HDD (master nand memory),
6. with HDD Empty (erasing) function,  Support From 8G (iphone 4) to 128G (iphone 6plus) fast erasing function, support the recognition function on HDD.
7. with HDD testing function, Fast checking and testing HDD status and quality, get the right HDD size and model, finish the testing on HDD.
8. can repair almost hdd error on iphone 5s
9. fast change the Engineering capacity HDD to normal capacity HDD
10. For iphone 4/4S/5 HDD, don't need this tool, just replace the HDD, and change SN.

Demo video:

universal apple nand flash 32bit and 64bit programming tool,  repair remove icloud change serial number, for iPhone 6 plus 5s iPad Air 2 Mini 2 3 4

Programming/Reading and Rewriting Serial Number
Unlocking kinds of Ipads of Wifi model by changing Serial Number
Expending/Updating momeory of  kinds of pads&iphones to 128G or 64G or 32G

For Apple Nand programming single 32bit single nand flash, iphone & ipad:

ipad 4/ ipad 3/ ipad 2(32nm)  /mini1
iphone 5c/5/4s/4


For Apple Nand Flash programming  single 64bit single nand flash, iphone & ipad:
iphone 6p/6/5s/air2/air/mini4/mini3/mini2

32bit: iphone 4S/5/5C, ipad 2/3/4 Mini1


Nand Flash Brand: Toshiba/Sandisk/Hynix/Samsung

Support small and big HDD list:


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