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We supply different models of chips & ic, brand new and refurbished are available. For more details pls contact us via email or live chat.

Please clike here to download the price list for reference.

We have in the stock (include but not limited to):

ADP3203J       ADP3410J       ADP3180J       ADP3806J
ADP3188J       ADP3020A      ADP3181J       ADP3163J
ADP3421J       ADP3422J       ADP3420J       ADP3170J
ADP3168J       ADP3165J       ADP3186J       ADP3155J
ADP3169J       ADP3415L       ADP3205J       ADP3416J
ADP3410K      ADP3166J         

MAX1631EAI     MAX1634EAI     MAX1632EAI     MAX1710EEG
ADP3207J         ADP3417J         ADP3418K        MAX1712
MAX1737EEI     MAX1636EPA     MAX745EPA      MAX798ESE
MAX1714AEEP  MAX1711EEG     MAX1714B       MAX1715EEI
MAX1718EEI     MAX4411E        MAX1909E        MAX8770G
MAX1772EEI     MAX1617AMEE  MAX1887EEE     MAX1773AEUP
MAX1645BEEI   MAX1845EEI     MAX1644EAE     MAX1844EEP
MAX8734AEEI   MAX8743EEI     MAX3243EXAI    MAX785CA
MAX786CAI      MAX1999EEI     MAX1902EAI      MAX1904EAI
MAX1977EEI     MAX1717EEG    MAX211ECAI     MAX213EAI

MAX1901E     MAX1907A     MAX1904E     MAX1908E
MAX1993E     MAX1987E     MAX9755E     MAX4211E
MAX8765E     MAX1980E     MAX8772G     MAX8724E
MAX8760E     MAX8736E     MAX1897E     MAX1845E
MAX8771G     MAX9714E     MAX1870E     MAX1532A
MAX1540E     MAX1544E     MAX1992E     MAX1545E
MAX8774C     MAX1504A     MAX8776C     MAX1997E
MAX9710E     MAX9770E     MAX1988E     MAX1809E
MAX8611E     MAX8611       MAX1981      MAX1981A
MAX8725E     MAX9750C     MAX1535A    MAX1533E
MAX1546A     MAX1889E     MAX4411      SC1471ITS

LTC3728EG    LTC3716EG    LTC1709EG    LTC3707EGN
LTC1736CG    LTC3735EG    LTC3714EG    SC1474TS
LT3728LX      LT3728L         ISL6247CR     ISL6566CRZ
SC1402ISS    SC451ITS       SC1403ITS    SC1470ITS
SC1476ITS    SC1480IS       SC1486ITS    SC1485ITS
ISL6225CA    ISL6223CA      LTC1628CG   ISL6227CA
ISL6209        ISL6520          ISL6556        ISL6520ACB
ISL6537ACRZ  ISL6559CR    ISL6248ACR   ISL6548ACRZ
ISL6255HRZ    ISL6262CRZ  ISL6561CRZ   ISL6326CRZ
ISL6217CV      ISL6218CV    ISL6215CA     ISL6219CV
ISL6235CA      ISL6236HRZ  ISL6312CRZ   ISL6269ACRZ
ISL6232          ISL6232CAZ  ISL6207CB     ISL6556BCB
ISL6251AH      AD1986A      ALC203          ALC655
AD1881AJST   AD1888JST   AD1886JST     AD1981B
ALC101          ALC260         ALC201          ALC202
ALC250          ALC268         ALC262          ALC668
ALC653          ALC660         ALC658          AL860
ALC882          ALC885         ALC880          ALC883
TB6807AF      TB6808F       TB62506FG     TB62501F
H8/3437        H8/3434       H8S/2110        H8S/2140BV
H8S/2168      H8S/2161     H8S/2163BV    H8S/2147
H8S/2149      H8S/2165     H8S/2169        H8S/2160
H8S/2178      H8S/2166V   H8S/2116        H8S/2177
M38857M8     M38857M8-A02HP               H8S/2111BV    
M38869M8A   M38867M8A  M38859FF    
MS-5             MS-6           MS-7              MS-8
RT9248         RT9207        RT9237          RT9238
RT9241B       RT9241        RT9222          RT9602
RT9241A       RT9231A      RT9202          RT9203

ICS950410AF    ICS954119DF     ICS1893Y-10       ICS952023CG
ICS950104AF    ICS952013         ICS9248AF-195   ICS954204
ICS9248DF-39  ICS950810PG      ICS952004         ICS951412CGLF
ICS954123BF    ICS954201BG     ICS951402AG     ICS951462AG
ICS951412CG    ICS951412AG     ICS950902DG    ICS94241AF
ICS950211BF    ICS950201AF      ICS95410AF       ICS9248A-101
ICS952001AG    ICS954128         ICS952018AF     ICS93734BF
ICS950910AF    ICS950813BG     ICS952906AF     ICS954206BG
ICS950819AG    ICS954226AG     ICS953805        RT9227A
ICS954123AF    ICS950812CG     ICS950815BG    

TPS5210           PS51020            PS5110    
PS5120             TPS51124          TPS51116    
TPS54672PWP   PS5130              TPS54610PWP    
STAC9767         STAC9766         STAC9757          STAC9753
STAC9750         STAC9704         STAC9200X5    
FDC37N971       FDC37N972    
88E8001-LKJ       88E1011-RCJ       88E8038-NNC1    
88E8036-NNC1    88E8039-NNC1     88E8050-NNC1    
88E8052-NNC1    88E8056-NNC1     88E8055-NNC1
BD4175KTV         BD4176KTV         TMP87PM48U    
TSB43AB21         TSB43AB22         TSB43AB23    
PCI4510        PCI4510A        PCI7411         PCI7412
SC1189         SC1185          SC1164          SC1155
SC1211         SC1159          SC2434          SC2643
HIP6016        HIP6017          HIP6018         HIP6019
HIP6021        HIP6301          HIP6302         HIP6303
TPC8106       TPC8107         TPC8303         TPC8103
TPC8203       TPC8111         TPC8104         TPC8002
TPC8106       TPC8107         TPA6011         TPA6017
TL594C         TPA0202         TPA0312         TPA0232
AS016          SC1153           SC1205          HIP6020
HIP6602        TPC8005         TPC8003         TL1451A
CX20549-12Z    CX20551-22       CX20648-31    
CX20648-21      CX20648-512     CX20643-11
LXD91810         LXD91811          LXD91812        KB3910SFB6
3887                MB8887              MB3878           3878
KB910              KB910QFC1        KB910QB4       KB910QBO
KB3910QB4      KB3910              KB3910SFC1    KB3910SFB4
CB-1410QFBO  CB-1410QBO       CB-1410BFBO
KB910LQFA1    KB3886B1           KB3926QFA1    KB3920QFBO

PC87591            PC87591E-VPCQ01     PC87591E-VPCI01
PC87591            PC87591S-VPC100     PC87338VJG         PC87591L-VPCN01
PC97551            PC97551-VPC            PC87570               PC87570-ICC/VPC
PC87541            PC87541V-VPC          PC87541L-VPC
PC87591E-VLB   DP83816                   DP83816AVNG      PC87383-VS
PC8394T            PC8394T-VJG            PC87391VGJ         PC87391
PC87392            PC87392VGJ             PC87393               PC87393VGJ
LM4873MTE        LM2729MTE              LM2641M              LM4839MT
LM8463MTE        LM2724M                 LM2638M               LM2736M
LM2637M           LM3485MMX              LM2642MTC           LM4835MTE
LM27281           LM4866                    LM4863                  LM1237

PC97317IBW/VLU     PC87427-IBU/VLA      PC87372-IBU/VLA    
PC87373-IBW/VLA    LPC47N217-JV           PC97338CJG           PC87417-IBM/VLU
PC82573L                LPC47N252-SD         
LPC47N227-MV         LPC47N227-MN          LPC47N217-JN
LPC47M564-NC         LPC47M112-MC          LPC47B357-NC
LPC47M233-NC         LPC47M182-NW         LPC47B272    
LPC47N250-MD         LPC47N250-MT         
LPC47N252-AAQ       LPC47N253-AAQ        LPC47M182-NR      LPC47N254-AAQ
LPC47N354-AAQ       LPC47N249-AAQ       W83627HF-AW       LPC47N252-SG
LPC47M133-NC         LPC47M132-NC         W83303D               LPC47M192-NC
LPC47M172-NR         LPC47B397               LPC47B387             LPC47B347
W83627DHG            W83627SF-AW         W83627EHG
W83977TF-AW        W83782D                 W83697                  W83627EHF-A
W83627THF-A         W83627F-A              W83626F                 W83301R
W83320S                W83627HG-AW        W83194AR               W93194BR
W83301GR              W83L517D               W83L518D               W83L950D
TSU56AK-LF            TSUM16AK-LF         
MEC5004-NU           ECE5018-NU              ECE5011-NU    
KBC1070-NU           KBC1021-MT              CH7011A-T    
SCH5127-NW          SCH5317-NS          
IT8510E                  IT8511TE                   IT8510TE                IT8512TE
IT8708F-A               IT8718F-S                 IT8712F-A               IT8711F-A
IT8702F-A               IT8705F-A                 IT8705AF                IT8617F-A
IT8282M                 RTL8100BL                RTL8100CL              RTL8100L
RTL8208B               RTL8100C                  RTL8019AS             RTL8316
RTL8101BL             RTL8101L                  RTL8139CL              RTL8201BL
RTL8201BL             RTL8110SB                RTL8110SBL            RTL8110S-32
RTL8201CL             RTL8201CP                RTL8201BL    
49LF008A               49LF004A                  39LF004                 29F040
39VF040                39SF040                    49LF002A    
W29C020              49LF003A    
5234MTC               5234QSC                    5236MTC                5236QSC
39A126                 39A119                      5235QSC    
PMH4                    PMH6                          77P1865                 26P1783
W83L951ADG-A    W83L951DG               WPC8763LAODG      EMC4000
WPC8763LDG        M3062MF8NGP            WPCE775LAODG      WPC8769LDG
BCM5702CKFB       BCM5701                   BCM5705MKFBG       BCM5901KFB

BCM5705MKFB       BCM5906MKMLG     BCM5751PKFB       BCM5751KFBG
BCM5788MKFBG     BCM5787MKFBG     BCM5789KFBG       BCM5787MKMLG
BCM5753               BCM5752KFBG       BCM5752PKFBG     BCM5751PKFBG
BCM4401               BCM4401EKFBG     BCM4401KQLG       BCM4401KQL
RC82562EZ           82562EZ                82562GZ               RT82562GZ
DA82562EM           DA82562ET           EP82562GT            OZ9910
M50FE040              AT49BV040          M50FW080             28F004
OZ862AS               OZ990S               OZ945S                 OZ9938
OZ965R                 OZ2206S             OZ2211S                OZ992S
OZ165T                 OZ998S               OZ711    
TFP7425PZP-7        TPF7515         
TFP7433PZP           D720100AGM         
R5C833                 R5C841                D72010F1             R5C551
R5C475                 R5C590                R5C593                MAX8744E
MAX8731A             MAX8731              MAX8731E            MAX1541E
RTL8111B              RTL8211B             L6711                  SCH5307-NS
ALC888                 AD1981A               AD1980A             RQW130N03
BQ24703PWP         AD3419J               MAX1858E            RSS09N03
TPS2214                TPS2216               SC480                 APA0202
W83304D              SC413TS               CM3718               DM0565R
AN12942B             AN12948               CY28RS480ZXC    SC411
CP2211                 PU2211                  PD2211               PI5C3384Q
1200AP40             1200AP100         
SG6841DZ            SG6841S               SG6510D    
RT9245                 APL5331                2501N                 GD75232

HY5DU5732222AFM-33          HY5DU283222AF-33          IRU3037
K4D261638E-TC40                K4D553235F-VC2A            L6919
HY5DV283222AF-33              K4D26323DG-GC2A          HY5P561621AFP-25
HY5DS283222BF-28              K4J52324QC-BC12            K4J55323QG-BC20
HY5DU573222AFM-36            K4D553235F-GC33           HY5P561621AFP-33
K4D623238B-GC45               K4D26323QG-GC2A          HY5DS573222F-28
HY5DU573222F-28                K4D263238A-GC45           K4D26323QG-GC33
K4J55323QF-GC20                K4J55323QF-VC16            K4D623238B-GC40

HY5DU283222AF-36          SC1405           HYB18T256161BF-25        K4D263238E-GC36
24RF08CT                        BQ24703          ISL6251AHAZ                   K4D26323QG-VC20
AD1988A                         MAX1937E        MAX6657MSA                   MAX1937EEI
G1431                             SC1406            SC1406ACTS                    SC1405TS
VT1634                           VT1631             VT6301S                          VT1616
VT6103L                         VT1622M           VT1612A                          VT1211
VT6202L                         VT6307S           VT8601T                          VT6105
SIS302                           SIS302LVMV      SIS301LVMV                     SIS302ELVMV
W83977ATF-AW             W83977TF-AW   W83877AF                       W83782D
W83627HF-AW               W83627F-AW     W83627DHG                    W83391TS
SIS305                           SIS300              SiL164CT64                      SAA7173HL
RTS5158E                       RTS5159           RTS515BE                        RTS5158
RTM875N-397                  RTM875N          RTL8271B                        RTL8225
RTL8139D                       RTL8139B         RTL8112
RTL8111B                       RTL8110S-32    RTL8103EL                       RTL8103E
RTD2025L                       RTD2545LH       RTL8100B                        RTL8101L
RT8802A                         RT8201N           RT8103EL    
LD7522PS                       sm8s36b           ISL6609ACBZ                   AT97SC3203
GM2116                          TSUM56AWHL-LF-1                                   F71883FG    
KB910QFCO                    KB910QB4         
G98-700-U2                    G98-630-U2      G98-600-U2    
MAX1711E                       ADP3192           ADP3208A                        MAX17003E
MP2307DN                       F72820SG         
VN800                             VN896         
RTD2533                         OZ129TN         
ISL6322CRZ                     ISL6269ACRZ          TPS51124                  ISL6236IRZ
OZ824LN                         OE128         
BD4176KVT                     OZ129TN                 BD41760KVT
ISL6228HRTZ                   ISL62883CHRTZ         
F71863FG                        F71862FG                AU6366E32-FCL-NP
ISL6258AHRTZ                 ISL6259AHRTZ         ISL6259HRTZ            AU6333B33-MBL-NP
NECOE128                       NECOE907               NECOE108                 AU6371B51-JEL-NP
F71882FG                        F71889F                  PCI1225PDV
RT8210BGQW                  RT8206A                 RT8208AGQW            AU6366E32-MCL-NP
RT8206B                          RT8205AGQW         RT8208BGQW            FW322-06
RT8205CGQW                   RT8205BGQW         F8000                       RTL8111D
IT8518ECXS                     IT8518ECXA            VY21983A                 RTL8100CL
ALC889A                         CX20671-21Z           NCP1337PG               RTL8100C
CS4206ACNZ                   CS4206BCNZ           W83L951ADG-A         ALC655
G1117T63UF                    ALM-2412-TR1G       FE211M-LF                FW801A
ISL62881HRTZ                 IT8766F-S                BD41760KVT            AT90S4433-8AI
SIR474DP                        9LPRS477CKL           L6740LTR                 ND3050-LD
BARAA                            MAX17073ETJ+         92HD73E1X5PRGXB1X       LPC47N267-MN
82551QM                         ALC259                    WG82567LF              VT6103L
NCP6131N                       WG82577LC              LTT-SS501M-13-S50A
K4G20325FC-HC04           OZ9956A                 MAX15092GTL           UM8886BE-N
NPCE795PAODX                NPCE795GAODX       k2645                       88I8038-TBC
NPCE795LAODX                APW7165                HY5DS573222FP-33    MT46V16M16-5BC
IT8718F-SEXS                  IT8718F-SGXS         ISL6265CHRTZ           MT46V32M16-6TC
BQ24751                          BQ24745                MX25L4005APC-12G    29LV640DBTC-90G
AD1888B                          RT8206BGQW         VT1316MAF                AD9380KSTZ-100
RTL8111B                        TPS51427               92HD73C1X5              DA82562ET
EA1530A                          ISL62392HRTZ        MAX8799G                 R5C590
ISL6520ACB                     NX2114                   N18FPVMX                 R5C592
MAX17036G                     MB39A132               F2112BG25H/H8S/2112V         R5C843
CJ=DA                             VT1317SF               SLG8LV597V              ES1921S
ISL6208CRZ                    LD7575PS                MAX3232CSE             PCI1510
CB=DH                            ISL6539CAZ            SI7121DN-T1-GE3      LP61G6464BE-5
ISL6539CAZ                    CJ=BM                     SI7230DN-T1-E3        SWL-2480
AD1888JCP                      MAX8796G              TPS51100DGQRG4      AT89C51ED2-UM
813LN                             TPA6017                 RTL8324D                  88SA8040-TBC1
RT8205EGQWDT=           JMC251                   RTL8208D                  ES1988S
CX20561-12Z                  ISL95813BHRTZ      TPS51461RGE            M38857M8A08
TPS51020                       EA1532A                 CX20585-10ZP4         RTL8201BL
CL=CF                            RT9045GSP              VT386FCR-ADJ          HPL-1191B-8
UP6282AQDD                  BCM57780A1KMLG    VT1708S                  LAN1901
FH=DD                           TPS51218                 HD-081-A                TSB20L
ISL6259AHRTZ                PIZI                         TPS51220ARSNR      W39V040BPZ
12F1822                         BAT54                     WG82552V               39VF040-70-4C-NH
RT9202PS                       BQ24753A               ISL95870BHRZ          49LF040-33-4C-NH
ACT14                            SN608098                AX88796BLF             39SF040-70-4C-NH
4232BGM                        88E8042-NNC1         BQ24725RGRR          AT49LH004-33JC
BQ24740                        88E8040-NNC2         MAX17003E              PM49FL004T-33JCE
TPS51117                       ALC271X                  YA868C12                AT49LH004-33JC
R5535V                          MAX17031E              RT8202AGQW           AT49LH004-33JX
R5534V                          ISL6549CBZ             RTM875T-531           W29C040P-90B
MTD003-LF-00                P2805FAO                ALC268Q-GR            28SF040A90-4C-NH
RT9214                          BD-BK                     W942516CH-75        29EE020120-4C-NH
EQ=CC                           BCM5906MKMLG       AD1886JST              49LF004B-33-4C-NH
ISL6262ACRZ                 BQ24751A                OZ9956BLN             TS6121K
ALC5621                        UP7711UB                TPS51217DSCR        AT90S4433-8AC
51125A                          BQ24707                  RT8015DGQW          IT8721FDXS
RQA130N03                   IDT92HD88B1X5NDG  ZR36494BGCF         IT8721FBXS
FF=BJ                            OZ9956BLN               NCP5901BMNTBG     IT8712F-SKXS
UP6206AK                      9LPRS427CGLF          RTL8151DH             KB3310QFC1
CJ=BM                           BQ725                      SIC762CD                KB3926QFD2
JL=BK                           RT8152CGQW            MAX8761ETG           IT8720FCXS
ISL6265AHRTZ              MAX17033G               MAX17082G             VT1631
NS892402                     VT356                       OZ8390ESLN            RTL8100BL
88E8042-NNC1              RT8152BGQW            LAN3214                 VT1634
ISL6265HRTZ                RT8209AGQW            724661                   VT6130
IDT92HD81B1CS           ISL9504BHRZ             RSS090N03L02TB    BCM4401KFBG-P20
MAX8744E                    IDT92HD81B1C5NLG   9LPRS365BKLFT       BCM4401EKFBG
L8543SQ                      MP1010BEF                 951462AGLFT          ALC885
PI3L500ZFE                  RT8206M                    AO4456                   CB-1410QFBO
TPS51511                    51123                        MAX8734AEEI-T        F010502A1
DA82562ET                  CXR726080                FDS8433A                ALC655
TPA6041A4                  RTL8102E                   LAN3252                  M38867E8AHP
88E8040-NNB2            MAX17028G                ICS9LPRS365BKLFT   FICISAECV.1.47
ADP3208J                    AON7408                    ICS951462AGLFT      M38869FFAHP
BD-AC                         AOL1428A                  HD-024A                   F010502CO

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