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PC3000-PCI v2.5 + Data Extractor v2.2

by Jason | post a comment

PC-3000 is specifically designed to work with failed / unrecognized hard disk drives. Because PC-3000 works through its specially created PCI card, the PC-3000 system allows the data recovery professional read and write access to an HDD's ROM and system area. (HDD's firmware is located on negative cylinders.) This means that technicians will be able to completely view and repair all of the HDD firmware modules including: Microcode Overlays, HDD Configuration Tables, Defects Tables, SMART Attributes, Security Subsystem, and Adaptive. This ability dramatically improves data recovery success rates.

When hard drives fail or are not recognized by the computer's BIOS, it is often due to corruption in firmware modules. Even if a drive is identified by the BIOS and appears to operate, failures with translator modules can prevent the drive from reading data. With PC-3000's ability to access and overwrite these modules, the drive can be repaired to the point where the data will be recoverable.

PC-3000 contains over 16 years of successful data recovery engineering experience and is currently in use by hundreds of data recovery companies worldwide. Additionally, it is in use and trusted by forensic agencies, justice departments, e-crimes units, military organizations, and research universities around the globe.

PC-3000 Features:

• Support for 3.5" and 2.5" PATA/SATA HDDs
• User friendly Windows XP/2000 interface
• Database of Firmware modules and Loaders
• Ability to unlock password protected hard drives
• Uses vendor specific commands as opposed to standard ATA commands to switch HDD into factory mode to access firmware and perform read/write operations
• Allows full read/write access to the controller board's ROM and firmware modules on the disk system area (negative cylinders), such as Microcode Overlays, HDD Configuration Tables, Defects Tables, SMART Attributes, Security Subsystem, and Adaptive
• Ability to develop data recovery scripts to enhance the capabilities of the system
• Advanced System Area recovery utilities (module regeneration, read modules from factory copy, etc.)  

Data Extractor Software Features:

• Logical File recovery - has automated scripts for correcting file system structure corruptions
• Raw file recovery independent of disk Operating System (sector by sector search for header files)
• Ability to ignore ECC error codes and access data from "Bad Sectors" (Accomplished by working through the PC-3000 hardware.)

pc3000-pci v2.5 contains:

PC-3000 PCI card
PC-3000 software application
Data extractor pci application

Adapter PC-2 (for 2.5" HDD)
IDE interface cables 
Y-Power Cable

Intel 845gv motherboard
Maxtor 6Y080L0 hdd

pc3000-pci tool kit

845gv motherboard

pc3000 pci card

besides all above, need Maxtor hard drive, intel 478pin CPU, DDR memory, power supply.
the pc3000-pci must work on 845gl/gv motherboard.

the system contains:

pc3000-pci windows v2.5
data extractor v2.2

the software contains:

DVD A: system ghost
DVD B: pc3000 English manual + video demo + database + install instruction
the operating system is Windows 2000 English, the pc3000 software is English.

the system supported hard drive:

Maxtor 80GB   6Y080L0  Code:YAR41BW0 (SN:Y2 head)

click here to view the list of drives supported by pc3000-pci

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