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PC3000 Install

by Jason | 2 comments

pc3000 pci card

Back of pc3000 pci card

intel 845gv motherboard
North bridge chip: 845GV SL8DA or SL6PT       South bridge chip: FW82801DB SL6DM

Support CPU (p4 or c4 478pin up to 2.66g 533Mhz) and RAM (ddr266/333/400 256M-1G)

Assemble pc3000 pci card
Don't plug any other card on the motherboard, include the lan card

Maxtor 80gb for pc3000 system, put hdd on IDE2, DVD-ROM on IDE1
v2.5 system supported hard drive:

Maxtor 80gb   6Y080L0    Code: YAR41BW0 (SN: Y2 head)

Boot from cd

choose "2", write FW to 6Y080L0 hdd. If you buy it from us, the firmware is done already, skip this step.

Choose "CALIPSO", enter

Choose "Standard mode", enter

Choose "Disc firmware zone", enter

Choose "Work with SA", enter

Choose "Writing module", enter

Select all, enter

Write module, press "space" to yes, enter

If show error #22, write module again and it would be ok.
then turn off power and reboot. Every 6Y080L0 hdd needs write FW only once.

Boot from cd and choose "6", make pc3000 V2.5 English Version. If choose "4", make pc3000 V2.2 with Data Extractor.

Choose "local--disk--from image", enter

Open "80G_.GHO"


Ghost finish, reboot from hdd

Turn it to RIGHT. (Left is pc3000 v2.2 with DE, Right is pc3000 v2.5 without DE)

After install all drivers, reboot. Click "PC-3000", pc3000 pci v2.5 English Version

Note: It must disable the lan card on the board.

Data Extractor

Desktop, install the drivers

PC3000 PCI V2.2 with Data Extractor

Connect the hard disk need to repair, turn on the power and run the utilities
If the system crash, just run the patch on the desktop and it will be ok.

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