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how to distinguish leaded and lead-free

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BGA chip leaded solder ball's melting point (SN 63 PB 37) is 183 degrees, lead-free is 217 degrees. Comparison of welding spot, the leaded is brighter, and the lead-free is relatively dry and yellow.

Most BGA chips made after 2006 are lead-free.

The following are some of the BGA chip's melting temperature.

6150 (leaded) 230 degrees

G86-630 (leaded) 250 degrees

G86-770 (leaded) 250 degrees

G86-771 (leaded) 250 degrees

GO7300 (leaded) 230 degrees

GO7200 (leaded) 230 degrees

GO7100 (leaded) 230 degrees

MCP67M (Lead-free) 250 degrees

965PM/GM (Lead-free) 260 degrees

945PM/GM (Lead-free) 260 degrees

915PM/GM (Lead-free) 260 degrees

Chip model "+" denotes lead-free; "P B F" means lead-free Pb free; with the "G" said lead-free green; at the top of the package first pin or a groove near the position marked with "+" sign; models with #, said device conforms to the RoHS standard, no lead.That how to distinguish the notebook motherboard is leaded or lead-free, normally the cheap motherboards are leaded, high-grade boards are lead-free. there is a rule, motherboards above intel 915 basically are lead-free, lower than 915 are leaded. When could not determine if the motherboard is leaded or lead-free, and no special equipment to test the circuit board, we can check it by the simple way. First we treat it as a leaded motherboard to set temperature. after the heating is completed, use tweezers to gently touch the BGA chip, if the chip can move smoothly, it is said the solder ball is leaded; if the chip cannot be moved, said it may be lead-free, temperature setting is changed to the lead-free, after the heating is completed, do the same to use tweezers to touch it, if the chip can move smoothly, said it lead-free solder ball.

the left is lead-free, the right is leaded

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