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BGA Rework Station, Hot Air Gun or Soldering Station?

by Jason | post a comment

If you are in BGA rework field, there are 3 main types of BGA repair systems: BGA rework station, hot air gun and soldering station. What are differences among them? Please refer to below:

Firstly, if you work for bigger BGA chips, you can choose BGA rework station.

Achi IR 6000 and Achi IR PRO SC are best selling rework stations. Meanwhile, rework stations are classified into 2 kinds: infrared rework station ( IR 6000 ); and hot air infrared rework station ( DH-A09 ).

Rework stations specialized in BGA rework. BGA is a kind of capsulated chipset, when BGA chip loose weld or short circuits etc. we need a bga rework station to do the repairing.

Secondly, if you specialized in small chip rework, such as SMD rework, you can choose hot air guns or rework station.

Most of the hot air guns are with hot air heating, we have Aoyue, Atten, Kada etc. We have lots of air nozzles to suit different chips.

Thirdly, if you works in very small ICs, a soldering iron may work best instead of rework station or hot air gun.

Cause we will afraid of the hot air blows away the ICs. There is one difference is that their heating methods are not the same, soldering station have to work with soldering tips , Soldering iron works for the smallest component on the PCB.

So, what is the prices for reference?

Generally, rework stations are the most expensive, prices ranges from hundreds to thousands, meanwhile, they are big and heavy, so the shipping cost will be high too. For the hot air guns and soldering stations, they are small and in low price. Price for hot air gun and soldering stations are about $25-$300 or so.

Working methods and technical require:

Rework station is easy to use, after you have set the temperature on the machine, and fix the PCB on the support, the machine will heat the PCB automatically, and later, the machine will alarm you should take away the chip which is ok to remove, after you take away the chips away, you can just place a new chips and let the rework station do the soldering.

For the hot air guns, you have to heat the chips by yourself, and wait the tin on the chip smelt, and then replace a new one on it. But hot air gun and soldering stations requires technical worker, green hands are not available for them.

In one word, if you are going to repair BGA , you have to choose rework station; if you are going to repair SMD, you can choose rework stations, hot air gun, and soldering stations. Meanwhile, if you want to replace very small IC, soldering iron shall be your best choice.

Above are the three hot selling bga repair system, which one is best for you? It depends on what the main board you repair. If you have any question, please feel free to let us know.

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